An air purifier can be an important add-on to your HVAC system. Essentially, an air purifier ensures cleaner air and better comfort for your household. Here’s why you should consider installing a REME air purifier in your Glen Allen, VA, house.

1. Elimination of Unwanted Smells

Efficient air purifiers perform an excellent job in eliminating any odors lingering in your space. Smelly odors from cigarette smoke, debris and trash make your rooms less comfortable. Some paints and household cleaners contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that emit irritating odors into the atmosphere.

Continual exposure to these odors or VOCs can lead to fatigue and nausea. Additionally, you might experience some difficulty while breathing.

REME air purifiers are perfect for neutralizing the smell of cooking, and smoke. These air purifiers also minimize VOC concentration within your house, ensuring fresh air.

2. Minimal Risk of Airborne Infections

Airborne bacteria, pathogens and viruses trigger the spread of respiratory illnesses, including flu. These airborne infections are dangerous, especially for infants and elderly family.

Air purifiers are highly effective for preventing airborne diseases among your family members. Essentially, air purifiers comprise high-end features and technology for trapping harmful bacteria and contaminants.

3. Radon Elimination

Long-term radon exposure is harmful to your lungs and could lead to death. Radon is an odorless and carcinogenic gas produced from the gradual decay of radioactive substances in soil and rocks.

Radon gas is among the top causes of lung cancer. Statistics from the EPA show that radon pollution leads to approximately 21,000 deaths every year. REME air purifiers are effective for preventing radon circulation within your home.

4. Better Sleep

The condition of the circulating air impacts your sleep quality to a huge extent. Airborne pollutants stimulate allergic reactions, causing sleepless nights. Installing an air purifier usually means better sleep quality for your household.

Contact Air Maxx Mechanical for air conditioning maintenance or installation of an air purifier this spring. Our experts will ensure clean air for your house year-round.

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