In the middle of a chilly winter in Colonial Heights, Virginia, the last thing you want is a heater that won’t turn on. Unfortunately, it’s a common problem for homeowners, and there are several reasons why it could happen. Here are four common reasons why your heating system won’t turn on.


When your heater doesn’t turn on, the first thing you should check is the thermostat. The problem could be as simple as an incorrect setting.

Inadequate Amount of Refrigerant

If you use a heat pump to warm your home, it’s essential to make sure it has enough refrigerant to operate correctly. If the refrigerant level drops, it is harder for the heat pump to do its job. Low levels of refrigerant can also cause the heat pump’s coils to freeze over and the compressor to overheat. You could end up having to replace the entire heat pump. If you notice ice on the coils, contact an HVAC professional as soon as possible. They can check for refrigerant leaks, repair them, and recharge the heat pump.

Damaged Starting Components

Another likely cause of your heater failing to turn on is damaged or dead starting components. If you hear a clicking noise when you try to start your heater, that’s a clear sign that you need to replace the start capacitor. Call an HVAC professional immediately, as your heater can’t work without that essential component.

Insufficient Maintenance

Very often, your heat won’t turn on simply because the system is dirty. By scheduling regular maintenance, you can ensure that the system stays clean. An HVAC professional will also look for damaged or worn out parts and make any necessary repairs. By catching these problems early, you can prevent more costly damage.

Here at AirMaxx Mechanical, our team of experts is here to make sure your heater turns on every time. Call us today to schedule maintenance or repairs.

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