Energy efficiency is crucial to many Colonial Heights, Virginia, homeowners, especially those looking to manage their utility budgets. One way to get control of the energy use in your home is by improving your HVAC system’s efficiency. Reduce your home’s energy use by following these four HVAC tips.

Keep Your HVAC Filters Clean

Your HVAC system’s air filter was designed to trap dust, dirt, and other pollutants to prevent them from getting into your home’s indoor air supply. Over time, the debris can clog your filter, impeding airflow and making your system work harder to perform its function. Always change your air filter according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Clean Your Vents and Returns

Over time you will notice dirt and dust buildup around your vents and returns. This buildup can restrict the airflow coming into your room. Poor airflow will cause your HVAC system to expend more energy to get the room to your desired temperature, translating into higher energy bills. Use a brush attachment to vacuum the vents and returns gently once a month, or more often if you have pets or a dusty home.

Keep Your Outdoor Unit Free From Debris

Leaves, twigs, dirt, brush, and tall grass can clog your air conditioning system’s outdoor unit. This can not only damage parts in the system but can also make more work for your system. Make sure you keep the area around your unit trimmed back.

Schedule Regular HVAC Maintenance

Having regular HVAC maintenance is one of the easiest ways to improve your home’s efficiency. During a maintenance visit, your HVAC technician will clean all your system’s components, check for damaged or worn parts, and ensure you have proper airflow. If they discover issues affecting efficiency, they will discuss with you the possible solutions.

Need to schedule maintenance for your system? Contact us at (804) 409-9048, and one of our AirMaxx Mechanical HVAC specialists will get your system running as efficiently as we can.

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