The weather is warming up, the flowers have all sprung and you have your eyes set on the summer. Before the weather gets too hot, be sure to give your air conditioning a little TLC with proper maintenance. Here are some benefits you can expect when you get an annual spring AC tune-up in Mechanicsville, VA.

Fewer Repairs

Many problems with air conditioners come from excessive strain on the system, often caused by minor issues. When you maintain your system properly, you reduce the overall strain it experiences while running. This, in turn, means each component lasts longer and requires fewer AC repairs.

Lower Cooling Bills

When your system works efficiently, it doesn’t have to run as long to achieve your desired temperature. This reduced runtime translates into less energy expended and lower utility bills from running your unit.

Improved Air Quality

As your system runs, small air contaminants settle on components like your evaporator coil and circulating fan. The air moving through your system then picks up some of these particles and circulates it back into your home. During a spring tune-up, a technician carefully cleans these components to ensure these particles are not recirculated.

Extended Service Life

The average air conditioner should last between 10 and 15 years. However, without routine maintenance, your system may fail well before it reaches 10 years. On the other hand, you may find your system extending beyond the 15 years when you care for it properly.

Valid Warranty

Minor problems often lead to major component failure when they’re not caught and corrected. AC manufacturers understand this, and they often require regular professional maintenance as a term of their warranty. Without regular maintenance, you may find yourself paying for otherwise warrantable repairs.

Your summer can be just a little less stressful when you know you can depend on your system to run. Call to schedule your spring AC tune-up with our experts at AirMaxx Mechanical today.

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