It’s never a good idea to wait until snow flakes are flying to prepare your Chesterfield, Virginia, home for winter. In particular, your heating system needs to be prepared to handle the cooler temperatures on the way. These few simple actions will help ensure your furnace is ready to operate at its best all through the long winter months.

Ready Your Thermostat

The first step in preparing for winter is verifying that your thermostat is working properly. Switch your thermostat to heating mode and set the fan to operate automatically. Set the temperature a few degrees warmer than your current room temperature and listen for the heat to turn on. Let your system run for a few minutes to ensure that heat is being produced.

Clean Your Ducts and Vents

Dirty air ducts and vents can significantly restrict the flow of air through your heating system. Additionally, they may impact your indoor air quality. Cleaning your ducts and vents, or having them cleaned professionally, can help you avoid these problems. You may also wish to have your air ducts sealed to prevent leaks. Up to 30 percent of the conditioned air your system produces could be lost to leaks, creating a substantial energy waste.

Schedule Furnace Maintenance

A well-maintained furnace is safer, more efficient and less prone to breaking down at the worst possible time. Maintenance can be performed at any time, but it’s usually best to schedule a professional tune-up during the fall months. This ensures that your heating system is ready to efficiently handle its winter workload. A typical maintenance visit includes a mechanical and electrical inspection, burner adjustment, safety inspection and other important tests. It also includes cleaning or replacement of your air filters.

It shouldn’t cost a fortune to keep away the chills this winter. Keeping your heating system prepared and well-maintained is the best way to reduce your utility costs and avoid costly breakdowns and repairs. To learn more about how you can ready yourself for cooler temperatures, check out AirMaxx Mechanical’s HVAC maintenance services or call (804) 409-9048 today.

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