Everyone wants great heating and cooling but no one wants to pay more than necessary for the privilege. We’ve found that investing a little up front in HVAC maintenance for your Glen Allen, VA home can save you a bundle down the road. Here’s why.

Good Maintenance Cuts Your Utility Bills

The first, most obvious way maintenance can save you money is simple: A well-maintained system is an efficient system. During a professional maintenance visit, we’ll carefully clean and inspect your system and clear up any minor issues that could be impacting energy efficiency. We’ll also take a moment to make sure the system is properly calibrated for optimal efficiency and clear any obstructions or other outside problems that could impact efficiency.

Good Maintenance Prevents Future Repairs

Saving money on your utility bills is all well and good, but those savings pale in comparison to the benefits of fixing small problems before they can become big problems. Like all machines, HVAC systems do break down over time, and they need to be maintained to keep working well. Your air conditioner, heat pump or furnace isn’t going to fix itself; any issues you leave unchecked are only going to get worse. Professional maintenance will take care of those problems while they are still small and thus much less expensive to fix.

Good Maintenance Extends The Life Of Your System

How long do you expect your HVAC system to last? While the answer varies somewhat depending on the make and model, in general, you can expect a heat pump to last a decade, an air conditioner up to 15 years and a furnace 20 or more. However, to actually make it to the end of that lifespan, your system needs to be maintained. In the long run, that maintenance could save you thousands of dollars on premature replacement systems.

We want to encourage you to see preventive maintenance not as an expense, but rather an investment in your home. To learn more, check out our maintenance plans online or give us a call.

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