Geothermal heat pumps are different than air source heat pumps. The outdoor unit is a network of pipes installed underground. Temperatures 6-10 feet below the ground maintain a steady temperature of 55°F regardless of the temperature outside. A geothermal heat pump draws warmth from the ground in winter and uses it to heat your home. In summer, they extract heat from indoor air and transport it into the ground outside.

Long Lifespan

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, ground source pumps in the Greater Richmond area last for about 25 years. The underground component can last for over 50 years. These heat pumps can pay for themselves within five to ten years.

Energy Efficiency

Ground source heat pumps offer remarkable energy savings. They consume 20 to 60 percent less energy than conventional systems. They also consume 44 percent less energy than air source heat pumps. Ground source pumps use one unit of electrical power to extract three to five units of heat from the ground. They can also use one unit of electrical power to extract two to five units of cooling energy from the ground. The overall energy efficiency that a ground source system achieves is 300 to 500 percent. Homeowners report saving up to 70 percent on heating, cooling, and water heating costs.

Reliable Indoor Comfort

Ground source systems boast superior air purification capabilities for clean and healthy indoor air. These systems don’t recycle air, and that decreases the possibility of indoor contaminants. Ground source systems eliminate hot and cold spots in your home and operate as quietly as ceiling fans. They also help to balance indoor humidity levels and work well in hot, humid climates.

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