There’s no question the Richmond, Virginia, area is beautiful. The weather, however, can be somewhat unpredictable. It can be a challenge to stay comfortable even indoors. Fortunately, there are new HVAC technologies available to make the task easier and more affordable than ever. Here’s a look at two important technologies that can help boost your comfort level and your efficiency.

Multi-Stage Heating and Cooling

For many years, heating and cooling systems were limited to the most basic of settings: on and off. This meant your system could only operate at full capacity or not at all. As a result, most HVAC systems end up heating or cooling too much and overshooting your ideal thermostat setting. This creates waste, causes temperature fluctuations and ultimately makes you less comfortable.

Multi-stage heating and cooling systems avoid this problem by offering the ability to operate at various stages. This means you can run your heating or cooling only as much as you need to stay comfortable. It’s often better to run your system at a lower setting for a longer period of time. This saves energy and also provides a more gradual and pleasant temperature change. For even more comfort and flexibility, this can even be combined with a ductless AC system to deliver heating and cooling exactly where you want it.

Two-Stage Compressors

Just like multi-stage heating and cooling, a 2-stage compressor is all about flexibility and precise control. Traditional single-stage compressors are only capable of running at full capacity, further contributing to the problem of thermostat overshooting. A 2-stage compressor, meanwhile, offers two distinct modes of operation.

The standard operating mode still delivers fast, full-capacity heating or cooling when you need it. The energy-saving mode, however, delivers more gradual heating or cooling. This makes it easier for your HVAC system to stay within the temperature range you’ve set. It also helps to save you money by eliminating the waste of a traditional system.

There are few things more important than feeling comfortable in your home or office. These innovative HVAC technologies can help you do exactly that. To learn more about what new HVAC technologies can do for you, check out AirMaxx Mechanical’s line of HVAC systems or call (804) 409-9048 to speak with a representative.

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