With the kids back in school and fall well underway, it’s time to start thinking about winter and how to prepare your furnace so you can count on it when you need it most as the colder temperatures come back to visit Midlothian, VA. If you’ve got a furnace in your home, fall is the season to schedule yearly maintenance.

Why Have It Checked Annually?

Reduce the likelihood that your furnace will fail by having it looked at on a regular basis. Since it’s likely you haven’t turned your furnace on since last winter, it’s worth getting it checked before you fire it up. Not only do you ensure it’ll work when you need it to, but also, you can rest assured that it’s operating safely and in the most efficient manner.

It’s Not Just About This Year

Having regular checks on your furnace will increase its lifespan, just like getting oil changes at appropriate times will prolong the life of your car engine. These checks will ward off replacement of your furnace when done correctly. In addition, many furnace warranties mandate that users have their furnaces inspected by a licensed company to keep that warranty valid so if there are issues, you can prove that you did everything you could to keep the furnace in tip-top shape.

What Do We Do in Our Inspection?

  • Clean and replace air filters.
  • Inspect heat exchanger and ignition system.
  • Check flame operation, gas valve, pressure, electrical wiring and carbon monoxide leaks.
  • Conduct safety tests.

Keep your family safe and warm and your furnace in working order by making sure to get a proper inspection done. This’ll give you peace of mind and keep your warranty valid. With cooler temps here, it’s time to give Air Maxx Mechanical a call to schedule your maintenance appointment. We serve the central Virginia area and look forward to meeting you.

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