Reme Halo reflective electromagnetic technology eliminates particles, spores and bacteria that threaten the health of family members with asthma, weakened immune systems from cancer treatment or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Reme Halo air purifiers eliminate odors, bacteria, viruses and pet dander circulating through your HVAC system to purify your indoor air in Midlothian, VA.

Reme Halo Next Generation Air Purifiers Kill Deadly Bacteria and Viruses

Reme Halo next-generation air purifiers release hydro-peroxide plasma into your indoor air to destroy allergens, inorganic particles, bacteria and viruses that cause colds, the flu, bronchitis and pneumonia. Reme Halo air purification eliminates the SARS coronavirus, the H1N1 flu, deadly antibiotic-resistant MRSA, multiple forms of strep infections and tuberculous.

Reme Halo Turns On and Off With Your HVAC System

The Reme Halo air purifier weighs 6 pounds, self-cleans with carbon fiber brushes, and contains a washable ceramic catalyst that turns on and off with your air conditioner or heater. Your Reme Halo indoor air purification system injects vaporized peroxide naturally into your indoor heating and air conditioning air handler in response to an LED sensor.

The vaporized peroxide spreads throughout your indoor HVAC unit, your ductwork and into each room of the house. The Reme Halo purifier even removes dense cigarette smoke, odors from diapers and sick rooms, and bacterial odors from dirty laundry, leaving fresh, healthy indoor air.

Air Maxx Mechanical

Call Air Maxx Mechanical today to learn more about Reme Halo air purification or have your indoor air quality evaluated for free by our licensed factory-trained service technicians from our Midlothian, VA, office. Our service technicians service HVAC systems anywhere in our central Virginia service area from Richmond and the surrounding area to Prince George’s County in the Washington, D.C., area.

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