The U.S. Department of Energy recommends ductless mini-split systems for creating comfort zones inside homes in our area. These advanced AC and heating solutions can be used in new additions to your home and in garages, basements, and attic spaces. Here are some of the most important ways in which ductless systems can be used to ensure indoor comfort in the Richmond, VA area.

Climate Control for New Additions

If you have recently built an extra bedroom, mother-in-law quarters or other added space for your home, a ductless system can be a cost-effective and practical solution for ensuring that these spaces stay comfortable even on the warmest days. Ductless mini-split systems are easier to install than ductwork and can provide customized cooling for these new additions to your living spaces.

Comfortable Temperatures in Areas Without Ducts

For garages, attics and basements, ductless systems are an ideal solution that can ensure cool and comfortable temperatures in these areas of your home with minimal fuss and disruption. Because ductless AC and heating systems can be installed with only a small opening to the outside, they can help you enjoy optimal comfort without the construction needed to install new ductwork.

Improved Interior Decor

The lower profile made possible by ductless systems can complement your interior design without bulky ductwork to get in the way. This can help you make the most effective use of your space and can create a beautiful indoor environment for you, your family and visitors to your home.

At AirMaxx Mechanical, we specialize in providing you with the most practical solutions for all your heating and cooling needs. We work with you and your family to determine the best solutions for your needs. From installing ductless mini-split systems to creating a complete AC and heating system for your new home, we can deliver the right answers for your needs. Call us today to schedule an appointment with us. We look forward to the chance to provide all your heating and cooling needs.

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