When your ductless mini-split system stops working, you need to know if it needs a repair or replacement. There are common problems that you can check when your mini-split heat pump or AC is acting up. Many factors affect your mini-split system’s efficiency; here are steps you can take to troubleshoot common issues in your Mechanicsville, VA home.

Common Problems With Ductless Mini-Split Parts

Your ductless mini-split system could stop working if parts begin failing. Some common noises from your mini-split unit include squeaking from expansion and contraction or sizzling from defrosting.

A fan that’s blowing but not cooling could have ice buildup on the coils. If the fan on the outside unit is hot, there could be an issue with the compressor. If the indoor unit fan isn’t working, the culprit could be the electric board or the motor.

Steps to Prevent Problems

No matter the type of system you have, we can prevent common problems with your ductless mini-split. The compressor in the outside unit is responsible for increasing the temperature of the refrigerant. If you notice the compressor overheating, you should schedule a service appointment with an HVAC technician.

Cleaning indoor and outdoor coils can be a delicate operation and should be conducted by a professional familiar with what it takes to clean the coils without damaging them. An HVAC technician will also check the refrigerant and drain lines for potential leaks.

Troubleshooting Your Ductless Mini-Split

Mini-split HVAC systems are efficient and easy to use. Annual HVAC maintenance can keep your components clean and lubricated. If your HVAC isn’t working, check your circuit breaker first.

If that isn’t the problem, call an HVAC professional to inspect your system. One problem that can interfere with the power supply is wear and tear on your cord and plug. An HVAC professional can inspect your system to see if you need to replace the power supply.

Your AC’s filter catches dust and dirt to keep the air clear of debris. To keep your indoor air quality at its best, you should replace the filter as the manufacturer recommends. If you have any issues with your ductless mini-split AC in Mechanicsville, VA, call us today at Air Maxx Mechanical to schedule an appointment.

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