Winters in Chesterfield, VA, aren’t too bad as long as you’ve got a properly functioning furnace to keep your home comfortable. If you wake up or return to a cold house, you’ll want the problem fixed as soon as possible. Follow these troubleshooting steps before calling for a professional furnace repair. These steps might solve your problem, and if they don’t, they will help the technician provide you with faster service.

Check the Furnace Circuit Breaker

A power surge or high demand of electricity could cause the circuit servicing your heating system to trip. Even if your heating system is powered by natural gas, it still uses electricity to power the blower motor and thermostat. It’s also possible that someone accidentally turned off the breaker if your home recently had other maintenance or repairs done. If the breaker was tripped, reset it. If it trips again, you’ll need a prompt furnace repair.

Verify the Thermostat Settings

After ensuring your heating system has power, verify the thermostat settings. Make sure it’s set to “heat” rather than “auto.” The fan should be set to “auto” rather than “on.” If your fan was set to “on”, the heating system will blow room-temperature air when there’s no heating cycle taking place. If your thermostat won’t respond, you’ll need a certified technician to take a look and repair or replace it.

Inspect the Air Filter

Once you know the thermostat is properly set, inspect the furnace’s air filter. The filter is typically located in its own housing unit. According to Energy Star, you should check the filter once a month. If it’s visibly dirty or covered in dust, replace it with a clean filter. If your heating system still isn’t working, call for repairs.

To learn more troubleshooting steps for your furnace, take a look at AirMaxx Mechanical’s furnace repair services, or give us a call.

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