Geothermal power is renewable, sustainable and quite reliable. However, despite these advantages, your geothermal system can, over a long time, develop some problems that affect how it works in heating your home. The common issues that may impact your geothermal system’s heating power in Chesterfield, VA, include the following.

Unadjusted Settings

Unlike other heating systems, geothermal systems work all year. The seasonal changes determine whether your system will push hot or cool air into your home.

The system’s settings help it detect whether the ground source has sufficient heat or cold. Therefore, if you don’t adjust the geothermal thermostat settings accordingly, your system might not heat your home sufficiently. Fortunately, a slight adjustment of one degree on your thermostat can start up your heating system.

Air Unavailability

When foreign objects like furniture block some of your vents and registers, your airflow becomes unreliable. You could have a deformed fan belt if your motors run, but you don’t feel any air leaving your registers. Luckily, you can seek the intervention of professional heating service providers to unblock your registers and vents.

Heat Pump Failure

If your compressor fails, you have fan motor problems or you have antifreeze leaks, your system will not heat your home accordingly. Ice could also cover your heat pump and prevent warm air from circulating.

Since condensation occurs as your system heats your home, a condensation buildup might cover your heat pump. Consequently, this iced heat pump will not sufficiently generate heat to warm your home.

You may need to consult reliable geothermal technicians to check your electrical connections and inspect your heat pump for possible problems. A professional technician could also install a refrigerant if that’s missing.

If you’re having challenges with your geothermal heating system, contact the experts at Air Maxx Mechanical. We’ll inspect your geothermal system, identify any issues and correct them so that your home stays warm all winter long.

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