An air filter may seem relativity insignificant, but it’s actually one of your Glen Allen, VA HVAC system’s most important parts. A dirty or clogged filter will impact your wallet, and it can lead to indoor air pollution too. It also makes it harder to maintain comfortable temperatures. Find out why keeping the filter clean is the most important maintenance task you can perform.

Protect Your Investment

The primary purpose of an HVAC air filter is to keep dirt off the system’s critical components. Without this protection, parts are subject to damaging corrosion. Regular filter changes help keep heating and cooling systems running cleanly. Clean filters help safeguard you from unexpected repairs. They also extend the service life of the system, so you get the most from your investment.

Keep More Money in Your Pocket

Dirty filters impair airflow, forcing your HVAC systems to run for longer periods to keep you comfortable. That loss in energy efficiency means you spend more on monthly utility bills. Replacing a dirty HVAC air filter with a clean one can cut your energy costs by as much as 15 percent. For optimal savings, check filters frequently and change them at the first sign of dirt.

Stay Healthy and Comfortable Indoors

Filters that don’t do their job allow airborne contaminants to flow directly into the system. Everything from allergens to chemical pollutants can accumulate in the ductwork and circulate through your environment. Because clogged filters block normal airflow, air velocity is also affected. Clean filters improve your comfort and let everyone breathe healthier air.

In Central Virginia, keeping your HVAC filter clean is essential in every season. Regularly scheduled HVAC tune-ups are important too. Proactive maintenance from AirMaxx Mechanical helps ensure your comfort systems operate efficiently year round. To learn more about keeping your Glen Allen, VA

comfort systems in great condition, check out our HVAC maintenance or call (804) 409-9048.

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