Finding the climate control setup that works best for your house is important for keeping your Chesterfield, Virginia, home comfortable. Ductless mini-split HVAC systems are becoming a popular option for some homeowners thanks to their flexibility and efficiency. Here’s a quick guide to ductless mini-split systems to help you decide if one will work for your home.

Flexible Placement

One of the greatest strengths of mini-split HVAC systems is their flexible placement. The only thing the system really requires is access to an outside wall. Sleeker modern systems are not only quiet but also subtle and don’t detract from a room’s decor. Indoor units are usually placed higher up on the wall to help increase the reach of the fans, while the external unit only needs to be placed somewhere outside. Unlike central units, the exterior component of a ductless system is smaller and doesn’t require as much room, though it still needs plenty of clearance in order to properly disperse cool or warm air.

Increased Circulation

Because they have so much flexibility with placement, they’re a great choice for increasing circulation in a home. If you have a room or section of the house that doesn’t get enough air circulation, ductless mini-split systems can help improve stagnant air and get humidity under control. They’re also a great supplement for rooms with lots of windows. The extra sunlight can affect temperature control, and a ductless system can pick up the extra work so that the central HVAC isn’t overworked.

Retrofit Access

If you plan on adding extra square footage to your home and don’t want to deal with ductwork, a ductless mini-split system can help ensure that your new space has adequate climate control. This also applies to historic homes that don’t have space for or can’t accommodate a complete central HVAC system with ductwork. Since they don’t require any ductwork and only a small hole in the wall from the inside to the outside, they’re a great retrofit alternative.

If you’re interested in adding a ductless mini-split HVAC system to your home, give our team at Air Maxx Mechanical a call at (804) 409-9048 to set up an appointment today!

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