Professional Air Conditioning Repair for Chesterfield & the Greater Richmond Area

An air conditioner or heat pump breakdown during the summer can be a real nightmare. However, handing over your equipment to someone inexperienced for AC repair can make things even worse. At AirMaxx Mechanical, we hire experienced NATE-certified technicians. If you need an air conditioning repair contractor and live in the Chesterfield area, just give us a call.

Residential Air Conditioning Repair Services

Started in 2009, AirMaxx Mechanical offers residential and commercial HVAC services including refrigeration services. We are a family oriented business that believes in creating honest, personal customer relationships. We employ factory-trained, NATE-certified technicians and have been recognized as a Trane Comfort Specialist for our excellent customer service and delivery of exemplary HVAC services.

Quick and Reliable AC Repair in Your Local Area

Sometimes your heat pump or air conditioning gives you a sign that it needs attention or repair, but other times it may just stop working — often during the hottest summer day — when it’s working overtime to cool your home. That’s why our technicians are always ready to attend to the service calls of our valued customers. All of our service techs are well-trained and experienced, having diagnosed and fixed a number of issues involving almost every brand and type of air conditioner.

Common Air Conditioning Repair Calls

Since an air conditioning or heat pump system is a complex appliance, there are numerous issues that may be involved. Some of the most common repair calls we receive from our customers include:

  • Weird noises coming out from the unit
  • Warm air blowing out of the unit
  • Some rooms take longer to cool or do not cool at all
  • The home is cool, yet not comfortable, maybe it’s too stuffy or humid
  • The unit shuts off automatically after turning on
  • The unit does not turn on at all
  • The fan runs, but the condensing unit doesn’t turn on

Common AC Repair Processes Involved

The first step in the process of AC repair is to identify the cause of the problem. Our AC experts are equipped with the latest diagnostic tools to find and fix any issues without costly delays. As most of the common repair parts are available in our service trucks, we are usually able to fix your system in one trip.

Here are a few examples of the repair procedures we follow in specific instances:

  • Uneven cooling: If some rooms in your home are not cooling properly, we’ll check the supply vents. In some cases, it may also be due to improper air duct balancing. Other potential causes could be dirty air filter, poor insulation, and a slow fan speed.
  • Outdoor unit making a weird noise: We study the sound to find out whether it’s due to vibrating loose components, fan blades hitting an object, a bad motor, or some other issue. Our technicians then open the unit to confirm and fix the cause of the noise.
  • Refrigerant leaks: Leaking refrigerant brings down the cooling efficiency of your machine and can cause permanent damage. Our air conditioning and heat pump repair experts conduct tests using an electronic leak detector to locate the exact spot of leakage. After fixing the leak, we replenish the refrigerant levels and bring back the machine to its peak performance.

Call Us Anytime

If you realize your AC system is not cooling your home or business as it should, never hesitate to give us a call or contact us to schedule an appointment. We’ll have your Richmond, Chesterfield, Midlothian, Mechanicsville, Chester, Colonial Heights, Prince George, Glen Allen, Henrico County, VA and the surrounding area system up and working within the shortest time possible.

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