Geothermal HVAC Solutions for Chesterfield & the Greater Richmond Area

AirMaxx Mechanical is one of the few certified and trained HVAC professionals to install high-efficiency systems for your home or business. Over time, AirMaxx Mechanical has made impressive advancements with energy-saving solutions in Central Virginia and the greater Richmond areas.

Geothermal Services

Geothermal HVAC Systems: Right for You, Right for the Environment

Did you know that over 50 percent of your home energy bill goes towards heating and cooling? Geothermal allows you to save a significant amount on your heating and cooling costs.

The Environmental Protection Agency has also recognized geothermal systems as one of the most efficient ways to heat and cool your home.

  • Return up to four dollars of heat for every one dollar you spent on electricity
  • Reduce your need for energy to heat your hot water systems
  • Sustainable, Renewable energy source that won’t run out
  • Remains efficient year after year in every kind of weather

A Trane® EarthWise™ Geothermal System pays you back

Not only will your Trane EarthWise™ Geothermal System increase the efficiency of your home heating and cooling every month, thereby lowering your energy costs, it can also qualify you for a 30% tax credit* depending on where you live and the type of equipment you purchase.

Call AirMaxx today for additional incentives and rebates on installation of a Trane EarthWise™ Geothermal System.

* Tax credit is subject to IRS regulations. Consult a tax professional for advice on tax preparation.

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